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Donald Trump Says He Was ‘Holding Back’ on Hillary Clinton During Debate (Video)

“I didn’t want to do anything to embarrass her,” GOP nominee says of his political rival

Apparently, Donald Trump is more chivalrous and charitable than people make him out to be. Just ask Trump himself.

Following a presidential debate Monday night that Trump is generally perceived to have lost, the GOP presidential nominee addressed supporters in Florida on Tuesday night, explaining that he was going easy on his political rival in an effort to spare her feelings.

“For 90 minutes, I watched her very carefully. And I was also holding back — I didn’t want to do anything to embarrass her — but I watched her,” Trump explained.

We guess that makes him smart?

As with most things, Trump was short on specifics about how, exactly, he went easy on the candidate.

Trump did, however, give himself a pat on the back for laying out his plan for America’s future during the debate, a fact that might come as a surprise to many who watched the event.

“She was stuck in the past. For 90 minutes, on issue after issue, Hillary Clinton defended the terrible status quo, while I laid out our plan, all of us together, to bring jobs, security and prosperity back to the American people,” Trump explained.

Watch The Donald break it all down in the video.