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Why Donald Trump’s New Hotels Won’t Bear His Name

Trump Organization to ”launch a brand that is vastly different from anything the industry has experienced before“

Donald Trump’s company is launching a new line of hotels that will not carry the Trump name and instead will be referred to as Scion.

The new line of hotels that aims to attract younger customers. Scion means “descendant of a notable family” and is billed as a multi-faceted lifestyle brand that will be treated like a Trump hotel, just with a different name.

“Our business at Trump Hotels is stronger than ever and we are incredibly excited about the future of Scion, the newest brand in our hotel portfolio,” Trump Organization EVP Ivanka Trump said. “Under the leadership of our CEO, Eric Danziger, along with our world-class leadership team, we are so pleased to leverage our collective knowledge and experience to launch a brand that is vastly different from anything the industry has experienced before. We will develop this brand with the same determination and exacting standards we have become known for.”

It’s an interesting decision for the Trump Organization, as most Trump products have prominently displayed the name Trump in the past. Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, is a polarizing figure these days. While Trump obviously has a ton of supporters, others can’t stand him.

The GOP nominee has offended Mexicans, women, minorities and a variety of other cultures. Some women are even calling for department stores to stop selling Ivanka’s fashion line because of comments Trump has made about women.

Trump’s new hotel brand, Scion, will aim to connect guests with a strong sense of community and is expected to develop in both resort locations and major cities.

“We wanted a name that would be a nod to the Trump family and to the tremendous success it has had with its businesses, including Trump Hotels, while allowing for a clear distinction between our luxury and lifestyle brands,” Danziger said. “Trump Hotels has long been recognized as home to the most iconic and luxurious properties, where guests are treated to meticulous service and unparalleled experiences. Scion will bring the same ‘never settle’ philosophy to a new and different type of guest in more locations around the globe.”

Existing Trump hotels will continue to display his name and a new Washington D.C. location is scheduled to open this month.