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Donald Trump: ‘I Don’t Like Tweeting’ (Video)

”But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press,“ Trump tells Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt

Despite his very active Twitter feed, Donald Trump claims he doesn’t enjoy tweeting.

“Look, I don’t like tweeting, I have other things I could be doing,” the president-elect said in an interview with “Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt. “But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press.”

The Fox News star asked Trump if he’ll continue tweeting once he’s sworn in as POTUS on Friday. The interview airs today on “Fox & Friends,” but was previewed on Tuesday’s “Hannity.”

“It’s my only way that I can counteract,” Trump continued. “Like, for instance, John Lewis said he’s never done it before, where he skipped inauguration. Well, he has, it turned out to be a lie so I’m able to say that.”

Trump said he is able to call out people who make false statements about him and pointed to his nearly 50 million followers between various social media platforms.

“Now, if there press were honest, which it’s not, I would absolutely not use Twitter,” Trump said. “I wouldn’t have to.”

The pair also discussed details about his upcoming inauguration, Rep. John Lewis’ (D-GA) recent comments, his relationship with the press, and what he plans to do on his first day as president.

Watch the video above.