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Someone Put ‘The People’s Court’ Music Over Trump-Kim Summit and It’s Glorious (Video)

Political comedian Tim Young creates a mash-up of the meeting between world leaders and long-running court show

President Donald Trump met with North Korean president Kim Jong Un on Tuesday and it has already a become a meme.

“Trump and Kim Jong Un settled their differences today… in The People’s Court… or at least that’s what it looked like,” comedian Tim Young wrote on Twitter.

Young also shared a mashup of the summit with “The People’s Court,” using the long-running court show’s famous theme music to score the two world leaders’ side-by-side entrance.

“When I was waiting for Kim Jong Un and Trump to sign the document they were going to sign, I noticed they were going to have to walk through the double doors… and knowing Trump, it was going to be very choreographed,” Young told TheWrap. “Immediately I knew if those doors swung open at the same time and they walked through, they’d look like defendants on the People’s Court… so I sprung into action. Also, I watch too much tv.”

Trump and Kim met in Singapore for a half-day meeting and lunch with top advisors, where the two parties produced a joint statement committing themselves to the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.