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Donald Trump Is ‘Nothing But a Bullsh-tter,’ Obama Told Friends (Report)

Former chief executive’s opinion of his successor ”hasn’t gotten any better,“ friend says

Wondering what former president Barack Obama really thinks of his successor Donald Trump?

According to People, the former chief executive told two friends that the current Leader of the Free World is “nothing but a bullsh-tter” last November.

Obama’s assessment came while describing an election-night phone call with Trump, during which the president-elect described his “respect” and “admiration” for Obama.

Which might come off as ungracious on Obama’ s part, had Trump not spent a considerable amount of time prior to the election calling Obama’s citizenship into question.

In the ensuing months, Obama’s estimation of Trump apparently hasn’t improved.

“Well, it hasn’t gotten any better,” one of the friends told People.

Despite his reported opinion of Trump, Obama is still apparently “optimistic” about America in the Trump era, or at least about Americans making their displeasure with Trump known.

“He’s deeply concerned with what he’s seen,” a third friend of Obama’s told People. “But he’s also optimistic and heartened that citizens aren’t just watching it happen but engaging with neighbors and elected representatives at town halls.”