Donald Trump Rips Jay Z Over Cursing at Hillary Clinton Rally (Video)

“Can you imagine if I said that?” GOP nominee asks

Last Updated: November 5, 2016 @ 1:53 PM

Donald Trump is a fan of Jay Z — but apparently the GOP presidential candidate feels that the hip hop mogul should have his mouth washed out with soap.

A day after Jay Z and his wife Beyonce appeared at a rally for Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Trump took to the stage in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday, to take Jay Z to task — not for his choice of candidate, but for his choice of words.

“I actually like Jay Z but you know the language last night? Ohhh. I was thinking, maybe I’ll just try it,” Trump said. “Can you imagine if I said that? So, he used every word in the book. I won’t even use the initials, because I’ll get in trouble.”

Trump didn’t specify what language he found objectionable, and frankly, it’s probably not important — unless Jay Z unveiled a new track titled “Grab ‘Em by the P—y,” it wouldn’t seem that the GOP nominee would have much room to balk.

Even so, Trump attempted to take the moral high ground on the issue of profanity, declaring, “He used language last night that was so bad, and then Hillary said, ‘I did not like Donald Trump’s lewd language.’ My lewd language. I tell you what — I’ve never said what he said in my life. But that shows you the phoniness of politicians and the phoniness of the whole system.”

Perhaps even worse, Trump asserted that his own rally in Hershey, Penn., on Friday, outdrew the Clinton event, pulling in 27,000 people — “far more than Jay Z had with their free tickets — free tickets!”

Watch Trump pooh-pooh the potty talk in the video.


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