Donald Trump Defends Donald Sterling: ‘The Girlfriend From Hell’ Set Him Up (Video)

The mogul called V. Stiviano “a very, very bad girlfriend”

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 10:13 AM

The Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was set up, according to Donald Trump.

“He got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend, let’s face it,” Trump opined on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“Let’s face it, that whole thing is — she’s called the girlfriend from hell,” Trump said.

The “Apprentice” star reacted to leaked audio tapes of Sterling allegedly telling his girlfriend V. Stiviano not to pose on Instagram with black people or bring them to NBA games.

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“He could be out of it in terms of his actions,” Trump observed. “The way she led him along. He should know, if he were there, if he was with it, he would know after one or two of those questions that she was answering and asking that there’s something going on here.”

“You look at the way he’s being baited, just constantly being baited,” he added. “I read part of a transcript and it was ridiculous.”

Watch the video: