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Donald Trump Says His Insults Against Women Were for ‘Entertainment’

”There’s nobody that has more respect for women than I do,“ says candidate who can’t seem to stop disparaging them

Calm down, everyone; Donald Trump’s not a misogynist — he’s just been trying to keep us all entertained.

The GOP presidential candidate — whose comments about women’s looks have caused many a jaw to drop and mind to boggle — told Las Vegas NBC affiliate KSNV that many of those comments were in the name of entertainment.

“You have two beautiful daughters past their teenage years, can you understand the concern from parents of younger girls that some of your comments could be hurtful to girls struggling with body image and the pressure to be model perfect?” the station’s Jim Snyder asked the candidate.

“A lot of that was done for the purpose of entertainment, there’s nobody that has more respect for women than I do,” Trump replied.

Trump has disparaged a wide range of women, including his former political rival Carly Fiorina, the wife of his former political rival Ted Cruz, and of course his arch-nemesis Rosie O’Donnell.

And last week, former Miss Universe contestant Jodie Seal claimed that Trump made disparaging comments about women in the beauty pageant.

But despite a seemingly pathological drive to knock women for their looks, Trump says that he’s done insulting women’s looks — or at least doesn’t plan to insult them quite so much going forward.

“Are you trying to tone it down now?” Snyder asked Trump.

“It’s not a question of trying, it’s very easy,” Trump replied.