Donald Trump Supporter Sues NBC, Claims He Was ‘Roughed Up’ by ‘Today’ Show ‘Goon Squad’

Man claims he was attacked for backing GOP presidential nominee

Donald Trump

A Donald Trump supporter has filed a whopper of a lawsuit against NBC, claiming that he was “roughed up” and sustained “substantial injuries” at the hands of a “goon squad”  during a taping of NBC morning show “Today.”

In the lawsuit, filed in New York Supreme Court on Wednesday, Mark Gallagher claims he was attacked “simply for being a known Donald Trump supporter, outraged by the conduct of Bill Clinton, a rapist.”

Gallagher says he showed at the taping due to a financial offer made by Infowars boss Alex Jones — described as “a Great American” in the suit — of $1,000 for anyone who wears a shirt reading “Bill Clinton Is a Rapist” on national television, so that it’s visible for five seconds or more.

The suit claims that he hadn’t even exposed the T-shirt when he was descended on by the “goon squad,” and was in fact merely talking with “two nice ladies from Louisiana” about their dogs” at the time of the Oct. 13 encounter.

According to Gallagher, he was grabbed by the arm and neck, and struck in the back of the head “with a security radio.”

The lawsuit is peppered with colorful language, at one point identifying one supposed member of the “goon squad” as serving as “the personal security detail for liberal douche Alec Baldwin from time to time.”

A spokeswoman for NBC has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Alleging assault and battery, conspiracy, aiding and abetting and other counts, Gallagher is seeking a a massive payout — “not less than $3 million” on each of the nine counts, and “not less than$50 million” per cause in punitive damages.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.