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Donald Trump Thinks Fox News’ Upcoming Presidential Debate Is ‘Whatever’

”I don’t look forward or not look forward. It is what it is,“ presidential contender says

Donald Trump isn’t exactly jonesing for the first Republican debate on Fox News next month.

When The Washington Post asked about the upcoming debate, Trump responded ambivalently.

“No, not one way or the other,” he said. “Whatever. I don’t look forward or not look forward. It is what it is.”

Aboard his Boeing 757, Trump had Fox News on while speaking with reporter Robert Costa, who reported the real estate mogul seemed more interested in media coverage of his presidential run than the nitty gritty of politics.

“Jeanine Pirro, let’s see what she has to say about me,” Trump said watching the Fox News host. Fox, like the rest of cable an broadcast news, has covered Trump’s provocative presidential campaign at length.

Most political pundits expect Trump to throw some sharp elbows at other candidates during the Aug. 6 debate, so his underwhelming comments about the upcoming contest might be an attempt to set lower expectations.

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