Donald Trump’s Social Media App Slammed as ‘Parler Trick’ After Stalling on Launch

Many potential users reported Truth Social failed to admit them in its opening day

Donald Trump Follow the Truth app
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Donald Trump launched Truth Social on Monday, but the app and its rollout did not go without their quirks.

Truth Social mimics Twitter’s layout, and is aimed at providing a platform for conservative voices who feel their freedom of speech is not upheld by Twitter, Facebook-now-Meta and other channels. The influx of signups for Truth Social has created a waiting list at least 150,000, CNN reported.

Truth Social is available on the Apple App Store, but not for Androids or users outside of the country.

The reaction to Trump’s newest venture was not muted on Twitter.

“The irony – the ‘Truthers’ are all on Twitter looking for customer service,” one user tweeted.

Several reports of bugs, hiccups in the sign up process and ultimately restricted boundaries for downloading the app brought many to scrutinize its development and overall operation.

“Social media sadly thrives on conflict,” wrote Lt. Colonel Adam Kinzinger on Twitter. “#truthsocial (which is ironically named) will be boring and fail, because it will be all Trump-fed drones. BUT, please don’t come back to real social media if you left for Trump and Nunes great idea. You get your one shot.”

Congressman Ted Lieu mused about the inner workings of the platform, Tweeting, “Many people say that if #TruthSocial can’t even handle opening new accounts, how will it keep your account from being hacked? Also, the problems won’t be fixed until late March. So is their staff like 2 people, the failed Devin Nunes and his cousin’s friend who is the coder?”

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene joined Truth Social the day before its launch to the public.

“As the only Member of Congress to have had my personal @Twitter account banned, I understand what millions of conservatives have gone through having their personal freedom of speech stolen from them by Big Tech for not parroting the approved messaging,” Greene tweeted.

Richard Grennel retweeted one of his earlier Tweets, writing “It’s an overwhelming success. The demand is YUGE. Be patient.”

Politician Jon Cooper commented on the slow launch of the app.

“Don’t worry, Walter. I would NEVER leave Trump’s new TRUTH Social app a 1 star review. And I’d definitely NEVER write ‘bugs’ in the review,” Cooper tweeted. “Since I know that could cause Apple to remove it from the app store. That would be so wrong. ?”

Some are comparing the launch to Trump steaks, a project the former president took on back in 2016 that flopped. The operation doubled back on itself when put under investigation, as it looked like Trump was buying steaks and repackaging them as his own for higher prices.

Truth Social is currently trending on Twitter and sits at the No. 1 slot in Top Free Apps on the Apple App Store. Read on for more Twitter reactions.