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Donald Trump’s Visit to Detroit Church Mocked on Twitter

Republican presidential candidate’s attempt to reach out to African-American voters is met with skepticism and ridicule

Donald Trump’s visit to a primarily African-American church in Detroit on Saturday was marked by protests outside the church and mockery on social media.

Although Trump hoped to win over black voters by delivering a message of unity, his speech to the Great Faith Ministries was not well-received by critics, who accused the Republican presidential nominee of pandering to African-Americans in an attempt to combat dismal polling numbers.

“Our nation is too divided, said Trump, speaking to members of the congregation. “We talk past each other and not to each other. And those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what’s going on. I’m here today to learn, so that we can together remedy injustice in any form, and so that we can also remedy economics so that the African-American community can benefit economically through jobs and income and so many other different ways.”

Heated protests outside the church were contained by police officers on horseback. People in the crowd held up signs with messages like “No hate in the White House” and “Trump: ‘What do you have to lose?’ Everything!”

On Twitter, critics mocked the candidate over awkward photos of Trump being presented with a prayer shawl and Jewish Heritage Study Bible by Bishop Wayne Jackson.

See some of the reactions below: