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Twitter Trolls Trump After He Tells Supporters to Vote on November 28

”Trump got the date of the election wrong and y’all trust him to run your country?!“ asks one social media user

Donald Trump’s critics were relentless on Wednesday morning after the GOP presidential candidate gave them more to make fun of by telling supporters at a Florida rally on Tuesday to go vote on “November 28.”

Many Hillary Clinton supporters took to Twitter to advocate for Trump’s advice. One user tweeted, “If you’re a Trump supporter, don’t forget to head to the polls on November 28th and not a day before!”

In the video, Trump is speaking at a rally in Florida on Tuesday night, telling his supporters to “make sure you get out and vote on Nov. 28,” which would be 20 days too late.

According to the Associated Press, Trump later gave the correct date of Nov. 8 at the event in Palm Beach City.

Other Twitter users criticized Trump, a “man running for president,” for not knowing what day the election is.

“Trump just told his supporters to vote on November 28 instead of November 8. He must REALLY want to lose,” tweeted one user.


Clinton and Trump went head-to-head on Sunday for the second presidential debate, which occurred just 48 hours after leaked “Access Hollywood” tapes found Trump having a lewd conversation about women with Billy Bush.

Shortly after the debate, CNN and polling partner ORC surveyed people who watched it and found that Clinton had won by a 23 point margin. On Tuesday, a Politico poll also found that Clinton won the second debate, 42 percent to 28 percent.

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