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Donald Trump, You’re Fired — for a Bad Publicity Stunt

You are putting Obama and our nation under a needless microscope instead of dealing with issues

Donald Trump, you're fired for falsely claiming you will run for President when you are merely trying to get publicity for your show, "Celebrity Apprentice." Where is your self-esteem? "Celebrity Apprentice" does not need you to hype it. Glaring self-promotion of this stature is cheap and demeaning. You would fire a contestant on your show for doing such a thing — aligning yourself with the "birthers" just to keep your name in the limelight.

Your show is great. I wait each Sunday in anticipation of seeing who will stay and who will go and what you have to say in the boardroom. Your words and thoughts and raison d'etre for firing someone are truly close to spellbinding, but your need to keep your name in the papers is nauseating. Infantile. Grow up and smell the sweet aroma of success you have generated from your TV show.

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I was not your fan until I met you at the Plaza Hotel for a press event a few years back. Your charm and apparent sincerity won me over. You have stature. My friend Richard Johnson, who wrote Page Six for the N.Y. Post, said, "See I told you so. I knew you would like him. He is genuine."

So this criticism is not personal. You have so much to gain from your success instead of mucking it up with this false run for the presidency. Yes, I know you are not allowed to announce that you are running because of a clause in your contract to NBC which ends in June.  But you are using this legal technicality to promote your presidential fantasy without being honest in your commitment.

Larry King went on Piers Morgan and said, "Trump will never run. He does this every four years."

Bill Cosby called you on the carpet for this false allegation as well. Now you claim he is "incoherent and dishonest," according to CNN and say that it is not cool for Cosby to badmouth you when you're not around. So stop badmouthing the president. He's not around — i.e. in your face to defend your 'trumped up' allegations.

The Viewettes said you wrote letters to Barbara Walters and Company when they challenged your claim to run for President. Do you think you can control all of the press about you?

You didn't like the Viewettes comments, but I, too, am sick of hearing your name on the news for false allegations you are perpetuating just to get attention.  Frankly I am disturbed the media is giving you so much attention. You don't deserve it for defaming President Obama.

To go after Obama is such a cheap shot. And shows no respect on your part for what he is trying to accomplish as well as our nation's welfare or the office of the presidency which you claim you will seek, but do not cherish or respect. You are putting Obama and our nation under a needless microscope instead of dealing with issues we should be focused on such as unemployment, health care, the Middle East. the economy, the debt.

What difference would it make if your argument proved true? Obama is our president now. So shut up and let him do his duty.

How would you like it if someone challenged you as Chairman of the Boardroom of "Celebrity Apprentice"?

Mind you. I've heard gossip about you that is unflattering, but I ignore it, just like I ignore the way you comb your hair.

Aaron Barlow writes about film, new media (especially blogging) and whatever else happens to pique his interest. Past owner/operator of a cafe, a store, and a gallery (among other activities), he began teaching at New York City College of Technology (CUNY) four years ago. His newest book is “Quentin Tarantino: Life at the Extremes.” Visit him online at www.aaronbarlow.com.


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