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Donald Trump’s Election Lead Crashes Canadian Immigration Site

Vancouver and Toronto suddenly seem very appealing for a lot of U.S. citizens

We hear the weather in Canada is lovely this time of year. Anyone for poutine?

Donald Trump’s surprising domination in the election polls Tuesday night sent millions of Hillary Clinton supporters into a panic and looking for a way out of living under a Trump presidency.

And while the Republican victories mounted, people started turning to the bottle — or the bong now that recreational marijuana is legal in California — while others logged onto their computers to apply for Canadian citizenship.

The sudden desire to move north of the border if Trump became president was so massive that the Government of Canada immigration and citizenship website had crashed by late Tuesday night with the influx of wannabe Canadians.

Of course, aside from the technological inconvenience of an overloaded website, it’s not that easy to just get citizenship for another country if you don’t like the way your current one voted.

Canada became more and more appealing to many Americans early in the primaries, when searches for “how can I move to Canada” spiked 350 percent as Trump swept Super Tuesday on March 2, according to Simon Rogers, a data editor at Google.

Hollywood stars including Bryan Cranston, Amy Schumer, Cher and Barbra Streisand had already voiced their plans to flee if Trump was victorious.

However, money and fame can’t buy everything — and that includes a navy passport with Canada stamped on the front. We’d tell you specific details of what it entails … but the website is down.

Here are some of the latest distraught and pleading tweets.