Donald Trump Jokes That Taxes Gave Bernie Sanders a Hernia

Vermont senator and Democratic presidential contender Sanders underwent surgery on Monday

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders
Getty Images

Donald Trump’s bedside manner is as blunt and unsympathetic as you’d expect, as proven on Monday when he joked about Bernie Sanders’ recent health issues.

The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential contender was off the campaign trail for the day to have outpatient hernia surgery at George Washington University.

As for what caused the painful condition? “Carrying around too much tax problems,” Trump told a crowd in Macon, Georgia, later that night.

“Because he’s gonna tax you. He’s gonna tax you. But let’s not even talk about tax problems — he wants to double and triple everyone’s taxes, wants to bring you up to 90 percent,” the GOP frontrunner continued, according to local news station WYFF4.

The rally, which had thousands of attendees, also included Trump’s usual trolling of his presidential rivals such as Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

“There’s only one way to get to the top and it’s all through Trump, let’s face it,” he said.

As for 74-year-old Sanders, he is “doing fine” and is expected to resume his Senate duties on Tuesday and return to the campaign trail later this week, according to spokesman Michael Briggs, who said the surgery had been scheduled “for a while.”