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Donald Trump’s Son Receives Threatening Letter Containing White Powder

News comes one day after Anonymous claims to have released Trump family personal information

Donald Trump’s son Eric has received a threatening letter containing an unidentified white powder.

The NYPD and FBI are investigating the threat, which was sent to Eric’s Manhattan address. Preliminary test results indicate that the powder is not hazardous, per the Washington Post.

News of the letter comes just one day after hacktivist group Anonymous claimed to have released Trump family personal information, including Donald Trump’s social security number and personal cellphone number.

The release of the info was announced in a YouTube video in which a sternly anti-Trump statement is delivered by a crudely animated figure in a Guy Fawkes mask and spoken by a text-to-speech vocalizer.

An orchestral version of the theme from the film “Requiem for a Dream” plays in the background. The statement makes numerous comparisons between Trump and Nazi Germany, asserting that “Donald Trump is an enemy of the Constitution and the natural rights it enshrines.”

The small data dump can be found through pastebin and ghostbin links that were included in the video’s description. It lists a social security number and a personal cellphone number, which are unverified. When TheWrap attempted to call the number, it led to an unpersonalized voicemail box that was full and could not receive new messages.

The possible doxxing of Trump is the beginning of what the video calls #OpWhiteRose. The White Rose Society was a nonviolent resistance group in Nazi Germany that was known for its anti-Nazi leaflets and graffiti during World War II.