Donna Summer Retrospective: 5 Timeless Performances

Donna Summer died Thursday morning, but her music lives on — in current artists and on YouTube

More than any other artist, Donna Summer, who lost her battle with cancer Thursday morning, defined the era of disco and dance-pop.

Although she still charted hits as late as 2008, her infectious beats and alluring voice that blasted through the club scene in the late '70s/early '80s influenced recording stars from Madonna to Britney Spears.

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Here’s a sampling of some of the greatest hits from LaDonna Adrian Gaines, the Queen of Disco.

Sampled by the likes of Madonna, Whitney Houston and David Guetta, “I Feel Love” was Summers’ second top 10 single:

“Love to Love You Baby” was vintage Summer — erotic, suggestive and beloved in the gay club community. Here’s the 17-minute version of her first top 10 single (for those with some time to kill):

Summer performing “On the Radio” in 1983. She recorded it in 1979 for what was otherwise a greatest hits record.

She worked hard for her money, hard for her money. This '80s classic was also the name of her album, which received a Grammy nomination.

In concert in 1978, Summer struts her “Last Dance.” A fitting end (in spite of that sparkly dress).