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Don’t Cry for Rush, Ditto-Heads

Back pain? No one is passing judgment. Yet.

What kind of medication?

So now we hear that Rush not only was rushed to a Hawaiian hospital for “chest pains,” but he was also, uh, taking meds for back pain, according to reports from New York magazine, and other media sources.

Hmmm, déjà vu, anyone? Before you ditto-heads run out of quotation marks, back off — no one is passing judgment. Yet.

Rush is a human being, and we be grateful that he’s healthy and back at work because we’re caring people who melt when celebrities (even blowhard idiots) are felled by pain.
Poor Rush and his hyperbolic media maniacal ravings. Could this latest physical hiccup be attributed merely from suffering from a bad reaction to his pill-popping, I mean, medication? Or did he become agitated when trying to explain the difference between Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, and blew a gasket? Maybe a panic attack? Gas?
Who really knows? If it was a heart attack, he’ll get more passes from liberal media who disdain incurring the wrath of Rush.
Of course, if it turns out that he was actually relieving back pain (with meds) and maybe became a little tolerant of the dosage, it’s not our place to point fingers.
Who hasn’t been affected by back pain at some point?
So our collective sympathy must rally to hold our suspicions at bay. After all, Rush is an American icon! A symbol of all that’s great in America! If you care for the ranting of a misogynistic, liberal-hating, microphone-wielding wrong blowhard, that is.
Not that there’s anything with that. After all, this is the land of Free Speech, where every dog has its day. And Rush is a barker with a wicked bite.
So I hope he has a complete recovery from whatever ails him and keeps on promoting truth, justice and the American Way.
At least his version of it.

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