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Male Critics, Don’t Slam ‘For Colored Girls’ Because You Don’t Get It

Most male reviewers just didn’t understand women’s films, good literature, great performances and a great story

I've seen many trailers in my life, none I remembered capturing my interest as much as the trailer for; "For Colored Girls."

I watched  this trailer at the Lionsgate office at the American Film market. I must have asked the person at Lionsgate to put it on at least three times while waiting for my meeting. If I had not watched this trailer, I would have gone by the negative reviews in most of the trades and entertainment magazines and not seen the film. So when I had a free moment, I jumped to the 3rd St. Promenade and sat with eight people, three of whom  had read the poems/book the movie was based on.

The movie, you guessed it, is about women of color, but each of the women portrayed one of the characters represented in the collection of 20 poems, revealing different issues that impact women … And when you sit down, you are in for deep but emotional chick flick. It's not meant for a male audience.

Of course, most of the reviewers were men — and they gave it negative reviews. It was interesting that on Rotten Tomatoes, the reviewers voted 33% in favor of the film, where the audience gave it a 73%. Why? Simply put, all eight of us in the theater said, "It's too deep for simplistic minds."

You can't blame color, race, body types. You can point the finger at most of the male reviewers who don't understand women's films, good literature, great performances and a great story. (Again, men watching chick flicks: ughhh. Please hire more chick reviewers.)

Now, I agree with some of the reviewers in that the weakest link in the film were the men. But this isn't enough of an issue to give the whole movie just two stars. (The leads, were women)

Tyler Perry knows his way around a film. He adapted this for the big screen — and, man, did he make a statement. All of these brilliant actresses really gave stellar performances. No this isn't an easy movie, there is abortion, religion, death, rape, physical abuse, sex and HIV — but all it comes together poetically.

So if the reviewers look at the movie as it stands, it's true brilliance — don't slam it because this isn't a movie for you or you simply don't get it. This is good stuff. Open your eyes. Go see it for yourself, because in the end, the movie makes a positive statement and I for one was left with a smile on my face.

Julie Kroll represents domestic and international distributors who acquire theatrical, DVD and television rights and who also engage in production. She also is an executive producer on "Vamps."