Downsized Miramax Claims First Casualty: Linklater’s ‘Liars’

Director on romantic comedy: “It’s no longer happening, unfortunately.”

Last Updated: November 17, 2009 @ 10:26 AM

When Disney downsized the bulk of Miramax’s employees and announced that the company would be reducing its output to only three or so films a year, it was assumed that the next product slated to go into production — the Richard Linklater romantic comedy "Liars (A to E)" — would be safe from the scythe. After all, Linklater finished casting leads Rebecca Hall and Kat Dennings two months ago, and the story (which found Hall and Dennings visiting Hall’s exes on a road trip to retrieve lost items) offered plenty more juicy roles for actors.

Alas, when I talked to Linklater today, the greenlit project had suddenly run into a red light. “It’s no longer happening, unfortunately,” Linklater confirmed. “It didn’t really work out. It’s tough.”

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