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EgyptAir Missing Plane: How TV News Will Cover Flight’s Disappearance

The lost Airbus A320 has TV news correspondents scrambling

An EgyptAir flight en route from Paris to Cairo disappeared on Wednesday night, sending news organizations into a frenzy and prompting cable news networks to potentially re-arrange programming schedules.

Among the three major American cable news networks, CNN reported the missing Airbus A320 first when Don Lemon went on live at 11:06 p.m. ET Wednesday night. Fox News broke into taped programming at 11:22 ET and MSNBC followed at 11:23 ET.

So what are the networks going to do today as we await details of the tragedy to emerge? Check out the information below and be sure to come back often, as we’ll update this page when additional details become available.


The network will have reports from correspondents Ian Lee, Arwa Damon and Becky Anderson on the ground in Cairo, while Jim Bittermann, Atika Shubert and Max Foster will provide coverage from Paris.

CNN will be live throughout the evening and the previously scheduled episode of “The Eighties” has been preempted. The music episode of “The Eighties” will now air next Thursday at 9 p.m.

Fox News

FNC will cover the missing plane throughout the day, and its entire primetime lineup will be live to handle the latest reports.

Additional contributions will be provided by senior foreign affairs correspondent Greg Palkot live from Paris, along with foreign affairs correspondent Benjamin Hall and correspondent Kitty Logan live from London. Fox News correspondent and former U.S. Navy fighter pilot and aviation expert Lea Gabrielle will offer further analysis throughout the day.


NBC News and MSNBC will both have coverage throughout the day. The following contributors will report for both networks: Bill Neely in Cairo, Keir Simmons in Paris, Richard Engel in Istanbul, Claudio Lavanga in Crete, Kelly Cobiella in London, Tom Costello in Chicago and Ayman Mohyeldin in New York. Chris Jansing and Craig Melvin are traveling to Paris.

NBC News aviation contributors Greg Feith and John Cox and NBC News contributor Christopher Dickey are also reporting across all NBC platforms.

ABC News

Correspondent Matt Gutman joins correspondent Alexander Marquardt in Paris and Middle East, while reporter/producer Molly Hunter is on the ground in Cairo.


CBSN will have live coverage throughout the day.

Tonight’s “CBS Evening News” will have reports from CBS News correspondents Mark Phillips in Paris, Jonathan Vigliotti in Crete and Holly Williams in Cairo. Additionally, Kris Van Cleave will contribute reporting from Chicago and Jeff Pegues from Washington on U.S. security and aviation.

We will update this page as more information becomes available.