Ellen DeGeneres Tries Her Hand at David Letterman’s Gig (Video)

DeGeneres offers an alternate version of how “Late Show” might have ended up

Guess she didn’t pass the audition.

Ellen DeGeneres, who’d been mentioned as a possible replacement for retiring “Late Show” host David Letterman, tried her hand at late-night comedy in a sketch scheduled to air on Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

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“I am very flattered but I really love doing my daytime show. And nighttime is very different,” DeGeneres admits during the segment. “There’s a lot of political humor, which I don’t do. But I feel you don’t know if you’re good at something until you try it. So I’m gonna see what it would look like if I did do a late-night show. “

The skit begins with DeGeneres struggling to emerge from behind a curtain before launching into her faux late-night monologue with the wisecrack, “I haven’t had that much trouble coming out since 1997.”

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DeGeneres goes on to deliver her Top 11 list — an homage to Letterman’s Top 10 routine.

The topic of the list? “Top 11 Favorite Pets of Mine.”

“Number 1 – Wolf. Number 2 – Mabel,” DeGeneres begins, before quickly derailing the list. “No that’s mean, I don’t wanna hurt Mabel’s feelings. I’m gonna say number one is Wolf and no, ya one is Mabel and two is Wolf.”

Of course, DeGeneres’ stab at late-night humor was all for naught, aside from maybe a chuckle or two — CBS announced Thursday that “The Colbert Report” host Stephen Colbert will be replacing Letterman when he retires next year.

Watch the video to catch a glimpse of what might have been: