Ellen DeGeneres Hangs Out With Her ‘SNL’ Doppelgänger, Kate McKinnon (Video)

She cracks herself up, too

Ellen DeGeneres interviewed her own impersonater on Wednesday when "Saturday Night Live" cast member Kate McKinnon stopped by the comedienne's talk show.

DeGeneres donated a set of matching clothing to McKinnon during their initial interview and the impressionist re-emerged at the end of the show in full-Ellen mode.

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A silly farewell and, of course, dancing ensues as the two funny ladies double team the audience.

McKinnon, who debuted as a featured player on "SNL" last April, has made a name for herself by doing over a dozen celebrity impressions, including Penélope Cruz, Shakira, Jodie Foster, and during the last election season, Ann Romney.

Watch what happens when two Ellens walk into a television studio: