8-Year-Old Indian Boy Busts a Move for Chubby Kids Everywhere (Video)

“India’s Got Talent” contender Akshat Singh appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with a message

Akshat Singh, an eight-year-old whose dance performance on “India’s Got Talent” went viral last month, appeared on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” with his trademark moves and a message.

“I have gone to ‘India’s Got Talent’ only to show my talent to whole India, that Motu [which means a fat man or boy in Hindi slang] can also dance,” he breathlessly told host Ellen DeGeneres after performing a version of the routine.

The show was unable to license the same song from Singh’s original performance, but he still made sure to capture all of the influences from Michael Jackson, Bollywood and street dance that enraptured the “India’s Got Talent” judges and helped the performance go viral.

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Singh’s dance regimen could be adapted by chubby kids the world over.

“I dance every day for three hours and [then] I eat more,” Singh, who started dancing at four years old, said.

He then added (with the help of an interpreter), “If there’s no gas in the car, how will the car run?”

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Wise words, which DeGeneres rewarded with a blinged-out new ride. Watch his performance on “Ellen” above.

Watch the video that made him a worldwide viral video star here.