Ellie Goulding Escapes Sinking Car After Crash Into Frozen Norwegian Lake

Earlier this month, the singer drove a car across a frozen lake when it crashed through the ice

Singer Ellie Goulding has revealed her car crashed through a frozen lake in Norway, after which she and photographer Conor McDonnell had to climb through the roof of the vehicle to escape.

“So me and @elliegoulding weren’t going to post about this but we decided that it’s too mad of a story not to tell,” McDonnell captioned in an Instagram photo of the event.

He goes on to explain that the duo was driving in the pitch black of Norway a few weeks ago when their car crashed through the middle of an icy lake and disappeared under water within minutes.

McDonnell managed to take a photo of the submerged vehicle before it sank.

Goulding posted a throwback picture on Tuesday about the incident, captioning the image, “Throwback to a few weeks ago when myself and @conormcdphoto nearly ended up in a lake in -30… Note to self don’t drive a BV206 over a frozen lake.”

See their photos below.