Elon Musk Dragged Hard After Saying He’s a ‘Socialist’ – and Marx Was a Capitalist

“I am actually a socialist,” tech billionaire worth $21 billion says

Elon Musk

Twitter seized the means of production, mockery-wise, after tech billionaire Elon Musk called himself a socialist, and then claimed Karl Marx was a capitalist.

The dragging began after Musk started tweeting about socialists and socialism on Friday. “Those who proclaim themselves ‘socialists’ are usually depressing, have no sense of humour & attended an expensive college. Fate loves irony” Musk said. When some asked what he would proclaim him as, he replied, “A socialist.

“Marx was a capitalist. He even wrote a book about it,” added Musk.

NOTE: The book Marx wrote about capitalism, “Das Kapital,” was an attempt to place capitalism in a historical context, while also providing a detailed critique of both it and the political systems in which it thrives.

Musk doubled-down on Saturday morning, insisting that “I am actually a socialist. Just not the kind that shifts resources from most productive to least productive, pretending to do good, while actually causing harm. True socialism seeks greatest good for all.”

Predictably, the proletariat wasn’t having it at all.




After Musk got schooled, he bailed. “Heading back into the factory, so that’s enough for now. Don’t take my Tweet too seriously. For one thing, it’s called a “Tweet.”

Technically speaking, despite his $21 billion net worth, Musk is accurate in calling himself a socialist in at least one sense: His company Tesla receives millions in tax incentives and breaks, while his company SpaceX receives federal contracts and has received huge subsidies from state governments, according to the L.A. Times.