Emily Blunt Takes Jimmy Kimmel’s Ultimate US Citizenship Test: What Does MLB Stand for? (Video)

“It was sad. I like being British! It was the most bizarre day,” the “Sicario” star says of her day in court

Emily Blunt recently became a United States citizen in light of her marriage to actor John Krasinski in July. However, she didn’t pass Jimmy Kimmel’s ultimate citizenship test on Tuesday night’s episode of his show.

Though the actress stopped by to discuss her new film “Sicario” — which is screening at the Toronto Film Festival — Kimmel instead grilled longtime friend Blunt on her process to be granted U.S. citizenship.

“There was a wedge between us, I felt like,” Kimmel said about their relationship. “I feel like you’ve accepted us. We [as Americans] always get the sense that when people come here from England, they kind of look down their noses at us.”

“Oh we do, very much,” Blunt said. “Because we’re better than you, but now I’m only half better.”

Blunt talked about her “special day” in the court room, where she reveals that Matthew McConaughey showed up looking like he was about to go on a safari, whereas his wife Camila was being sworn in with her.

“It was sad,” she said. “I like being British! It was the most bizarre day.”

Blunt also revealed some questions she was asked during the background check, such as “Are you a habitual drunkard?” Or “have you ever been a prostitute?”

Although Blunt passed those with flying colors, Kimmel had some questions for her, which weren’t too easy for the actress. In fact, she couldn’t answer any of the three burning questions, which were:

  1. What are the giant refillable sodas as 7/11 called?
  2. What does MLB stand for?
  3. What does DQ stand for?

Watch the video.

“Sicario,” co-starring Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin, debuts in theaters Oct. 2.