Emma Watson, Adele, Priyanka Chopra Speak Out on International Women’s Day

“They must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good,” tweets Adele

Hollywood is taking to social media to wish everyone a Happy International Women’s Day.

Stars like Emma Watson, Adele, Priyanka Chopra, Madonna, J.K. Rowling, Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer, Jessica Chastain and even Super Bowl champ Tom Brady took to social media to show their support for the day celebrating women around the world.

“Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult,” Adele tweeted.

Watson shared how the literary world plans to mark the occasion: “From midnight NYC time, book fairies around the WORLD will start hiding feminist books.”

“This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate every woman, every girl,” wrote Chopra.

Even President Donald Trump posted a tweet about International Women’s Day, writing, “On International Women’s Day, join me in honoring the critical role of women here in America & around the world.”

March 8 is seeing the convergence of several campaigns to show solidarity, including “A Day Without a Woman” and Women’s Strike. According to USA Today, the organizers behind the Women’s March on Washington are planning walk outs, rallies and marches to highlight lower wages, sexual harassment and job insecurities.

For example, United Talent Agency will observe Wednesday’s followup protest to the Women’s March on Washington. Female employees at the Hollywood agency will gather at offsite meetings in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, where their star clients and thought leaders will speak.

The Women’s Strike is planned by women in 50 different countries to shine light on labor rights, gender violence and reproductive freedom, among others.

Here are tweets about International Women’s Day: