Emmy Contender Juno Temple Reveals Butt-Baring Wardrobe Malfunction on ‘Vinyl’ (Video)

“I split my jumpsuit,” the breakout star of Martin Scorsese’s and Mick Jagger’s punk-era HBO series tells TheWrap

A version of this story on Juno Temple first appeared in the print edition of TheWrap Magazine’s Comedy/Drama/Actors Emmy Issue.
“It’s about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, and everyone likes at  least one of those things,” said actress Juno Temple about “Vinyl,” the HBO series that dives headlong into the seamiest sides of the New York rock scene of the 1970s.

While the show, whose creators include Terence Winter, Mick Jagger  and Martin Scorsese, picked up mixed reviews for its overheated squalor, Temple is a standout as the record company assistant who turns out to have better ears and sharper instincts than her bosses.

Photographed by Corina Marie for TheWrap

The 26-year-old British actress plays American in “Vinyl,” and said she enjoyed  the experience except for the occasional occupational hazard.

“I split my jumpsuit once,” she admitted. “I was wearing a beautiful silk jumpsuit from the actual ’70s, all black with a thong underneath, and the ass gave way. The on-set photographer was the one who told me, so that was pretty embarrassing.”

Photographed by Corina Marie for TheWrap

But the advantage of a show about music, she added, came in the way it connected with fans. “Rather than saying, ‘Oh, my God, I love your show,’ people come up to me and say, ‘Do you want to know the first vinyl I bought and why?’”  she said. “It’s cool to get to know people through what music they like.”

Photographed by Corina Marie for TheWrap

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