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Emmy Nom Reactions by the Numbers: Breaking Down the Honorable Thrills That We’re Totally Grateful For

This year, much like the previous year, Emmy nominees were really, really happy to get a nod

The nominations for this year’s Emmys are in and, while we won’t know who actually takes home a trophy for a while now, we can safely say one thing — this year’s nominees are honored, grateful and thrilled to the gills.

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Using data from the Emmy nomination reactions we received Thursday, so far — TheWrap crunched the numbers to determine the hot trends of this year’s reactions. Surprise! They’re a lot like every year.

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Read below for the breakdown, according to which stars used the phrase “honor” or “honored,” “thrill” or “thrilled,” grateful” and other joyful phrases in their reaction statements.

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Nominees who were “honor”ed: 18

Nominees who were grateful: 9

Nominees who were “thrill”ed: 9

Nominees who were both “honor”ed and “thrill”ed: 9

Nominees who were both “honor”ed and grateful: 6

Nominees who were “honor”ed, “thrill”ed and grateful: 3

Nominees who were “over the moon”: 2

Nominees who were “over the moon,” “thrill”ed and “honor”ed: 1

Nominees who were “somewhat beside the moon” or “under the moon”: 0

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