Emmy Nominees React: Fey, Baldwin, Seacrest …

The chosen few search for new ways to say, “I’m excited”

They’re thrilled, and excited, and it was great working with everybody on the show.

Emmy nominees reacted to the good news on Thursday morning, and it should come as no surprise that most of those reactions – whether culled from interviews or sent out by personal publicists and network PR departments – hit the same notes.

But after getting up at 5:30 in the morning and being asked “How do you feel?” in a dozen different ways, what do you expect? 

A roundup of responses to the happy news — including a pair from Tina Fey, who crafted two separate reactions to her nominations for "30 Rock":

Tina Fey and Alec BaldwinTina Fey (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, “30 Rock"): "This is great and exciting news.  Also, this seems like an appropriate time for me to announce to NBC that I will not be renewing my contract … with my gym."

Tina Fey (Outstanding Comedy Series, “30 Rock”): "This is great news. We're grateful and excited.  Especially since today is the fifth anniversary of the day NBC forgot to cancel us.”

Alec Baldwin (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, “30 Rock”): "Once again, I am grateful and delighted to be nominated. And I am deeply indebted to Tina, Robert Carlock, Lorne, Marci Klein and Jeff Zucker."

Jane Krakowski (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, “30 Rock”): "This is such exciting news! It is such an honor to be included in this group of funny talented women! I am indebted to Tina Fey and the greatest comedy writing team on television. I am going to celebrate by eating a piece of cheese. Just kidding, designers, I promise, no cheese will cross these lips or hips until after the ceremony."

John Goodman (Best Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie, “You Don’t Know Jack”):  “It’s honor enough to be able to work with Al, Barry, Susan and Brenda.  WOW.”

Ben Silverman (executive producer, Outstanding Comedy Series, “The Office”): "It's still the sweetest feeling in the world to be nominated for an Emmy, and recognized by your peers. Greg Daniels and the entire team at ‘The Office’ continue to deliver one of the smartest and funniest shows on TV week in week out … that's what she said!"

Ryan SeacrestRyan Seacrest (Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program, “American Idol”; executive producer, Outstanding Reality Series, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”): “I am honored that the Academy chose to recognize my work on ‘American Idol’ and ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ – two projects that I am both deeply devoted to … I feel lucky to have been part of such moving programming and it has been an incredible experience to contribute to both shows.”    

Jamie Oliver (Outstanding Reality Series, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”): “This is incredible news!  … Balancing programme making with a real live campaign is always a challenge, so everyone involved should take this nomination as an encouragement to keep on fighting the good fight!”  

Edie Falco (Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, "Nurse Jackie"): "Working on 'Nurse Jackie' has been a joy from the get-go. I'm beyond thrilled that people are enjoying it and noticing it as well. It's an embarrassment of riches."

Isaiah Mustafa (Star of Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" Campaign, Outstanding Commercial): "It’s been incredibly fun for me to be involved with Old Spice. Receiving honors like this morning’s Emmy nomination is just mind blowing." 

Heidi Klum (Outstanding Host For a Reality or Reality Competition Program, "Project Runway"): "It's such an honor to be nominated for an Emmy and to feel part of the club!  We're working hard on the show as we speak and it's turning out to be a great season, especially now that we're going to be 90 minutes.  I'm excited to attend the Emmys this year.  And who knows-maybe sixth time's the charm?"

Connie Britton (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, "Friday Night Lights"): "I'm so grateful. It really feels like a gift. We're about to wrap the show after five seasons, so this is especially wonderful and so unexpected. And I'm thrilled for my TV husband, Kyle [Chandler] too… It really feels like an acknowledgment of the show."