Jim Parsons Calls Charlie Sheen Meeting Sweet and Banal

Meeting the volatile former “Two and a Half Men” actor wasn’t as scary as expected, “Big Bang Theory” star says

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According to Jim Parsons, he wasn't worried about the prospect of sometimes volatile former "Two and a Half Men" star presenting with an Emmy on Sunday — because he didn't know it was coming.

"My first sighting of Charlie is when they showed that little glimpse of him in the preview," said the "The Big Bang Theory" star, who received the trophy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. "And then the rest just happened."

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Given Sheen's antics over the past year, "the rest" could have gone in any number of directions.

But according to Parsons, Sheen — who sincerely wished the "Two and a Half Men" crew the best of luck before doling out the award — didn't exactly live up to his outrageous reputation.

"He just congratulated me and said it was awesome; it was that sweet and that banal, I'm sorry to say," Parsons recalled. "I wish I had something more lurid to say."

Charlie Sheen, not causing a scene? That could end up being the most eyebrow-raising aspect of the evening.