Andy Samberg Mocks TV Overload in Emmys Opening Number (Video)

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star forsakes hygiene, grooming and a healthy relationship with his son in order to binge-watch for his hosting gig

Andy Samberg by Patrick Fraser

Emmys host Andy Samberg kicked off the Emmy Awards on Sunday with a musical number that gently mocked the current glut of television.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”‘ star Samberg had fun with the overabundance of programming, holding a clutch of DVDs in preparation for his hosting gig as he entered an underground viewing bunker.

“So many shows and so little time; I’m just one man, how can I possibly keep up?” Samberg belted out at the beginning of the number.

Emerging from his viewing bunker after a year’s time, Samberg appeared bearded and bedraggled as a castaway and, while he was apparently now well-versed on TV’s offerings, he was also apparently very smelly.

“You smell like dog feces,” “Scandal” star Kerry Washington informed the host.

“More like human feces!” Samberg shot back, as “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm attempted to suppress his gag reflex.

Unfortunately, however, he’s quickly informed that, no, he hasn’t seen every TV show, so it’s back to his bunker for more research. After emerging from his viewing bunker once again, Samberg is better versed on television, but at a high personal cost: He discovers that he’s spent so much time catching up on television that his life has passed him by, his son a grown man now.

Later in the segment, the hobo-shabby Samberg is inserted into a number of hit shows, including “Game of Thrones,” “House of Cards” and “Homeland.”

Samberg rattled off a laundry list of shows up for Emmys and otherwise, taking particular care to belittle the number of series with “Wives” in the title , including “Sister Wives,” “Wife Swap” and “Private Lives of Nashville Wives.”

Watch Samberg’s opening number in the video below, and read TheWrap’s full Emmys coverage here.

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