‘Entourage’s’ Kevin Connolly Gets Good News in ‘Monster Episode’

Connolly tells us about the good news in E’s personal life and talks Emmys

Kevin Connolly's character will wrap "Entourage" with some good news.

Emerging power player Eric "E" Murphy's personal life takes a turn for the better in the show's last episode before the finale, Connolly told TheWrap. The "monster episode," as Connolly describes it, is especially important to him because he'll direct it, too.

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"I have a pretty decent twist that comes out toward the end of the season," he says. "I really don't want to give too much away because I'll get in trouble. Something good for my character. "

Connolly, who hopes to direct the life story of mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice after the season ends, talked to us the lighter touch of the show's final eight episodes, his Emmy chances, and the "Entourage" movie he's confident is a go.

What can we expect for the final episodes?
It’s a lighter season. It's kind of the guys back together, having a good time. Andrew Dice Clay does a bunch of episodes and he's just killing it. The guy has not lost a step.

You know the entourage has grown over the years. Scott Caan's in every episode this year and he's just great. He's been great for my character. And my favorite character in the history of the show is Billy Walsh. I just think that Rhys Coiro, he just scores off the charts as an actor. I think all the people that have made up the heart and soul of the ensemble all come together and we're all pretty tight this season.

Do you feel like audiences relate to your character the most? Turtle and Johnny can be kind of comical, and Vince is a movie star. But Eric's got his head on straight.
I've heard Doug Ellin refer to me sort of as the moral compass of the show. There's certain things I'm just not allowed to do. [The show's] been accused of being misogynistic at times, but truth be told, we have some of the strongest women characters on television. And you'll never ever, ever hear Vince or Eric say a bad word against a girl. They're good guys. Drama, and Turtle, maybe at some point.

Do you think the long talked-about "Entourage" movie will happen after the finale?
I normally tend to fall on sort of the pessimistic side, but I know in my heart the movie's gonna happen. Which is why, as sad as I am about the end of the season — it’s a bittersweet thing and so much has happened over the eight years — I'm just positive we're doing a movie. Things have to happen — it’s not set up, there's no script, there's a whole process. But I believe it's going to work out because all the parties want it to.

You've been nominated for a Golden Globe, but do you think its time for an Emmy?
It's been really great to get to go to those shows and legitimately have a reason to be there. Hollywood and everybody has welcomed us with such open arms. It's been great to be part of that stuff. It's been amazing. Honestly, that would be fantastic, I'd love that, but I try not to think too much about that. I go in there and give it my all every day.

Where the real pressure is gonna come, I always tell the guys, is when we get the crack at the movie. Because if the movie performs, we can do a second movie. But if the movie bombs, it's over, guys. That opening weeekend's gonna be a nervous time.

Like a real-life episode of "Entourage."
We just hope we can have a little piece of the success that the "Sex and the City" girls had on their first movie. They were the happiest and we were the second happiest.