Eric McCormack Talks ‘Will & Grace’ Revival Speculation (Exclusive Video)

“Once they saw the response, it was like, ‘There might be life in this old girl,'” actor says of NBC bosses

NBC’s revival of “Will & Grace,” isn’t official yet, but star Eric McCormack says it could be time.

As fans are well-aware, the cast reunited for a 10-minute short ahead of last year’s presidential election to encourage viewers to vote. McCormack told TheWrap that it was intended to be a one-and-done, but that might have changed once it was released.

“When we shot that 10 minutes, NBC didn’t know. Only after we finished did they give us permission,” he said. “Once they saw it and once they saw the response, it was like, ‘There might be life in this old girl.’”

Now that Donald Trump is set to move into the White House with a Republican majority in the House and Senate, McCormack indicated that the return of a show — which was considered groundbreaking for prominently featuring gay characters — couldn’t be better timed.

“Maybe now there’s other stuff to talk about,” McCormack said.

Ultimately it’s a decision that lies in the hands of NBC. “It’s about networks and studios working out their stuff, but [the entire cast is] game,” he said.

Since “Will & Grace” ended its eight-season run on NBC in 2006, speculation about a revival has periodically popped up, gaining steam after the election special in September.

Earlier this week, guest star Leslie Jordan raised fans’ hopes when she said in a radio interview that the show had been picked up for a 10-episode revival, an announcement that was quickly shot down by star Debra Messing.

“Sadly Leslie was wrong. Nothing beyond talks,” Messing wrote on Twitter.