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Everybody Loves Ken Bone, Presidential Debate Questioner

It’s not just because of his hilariously punny name, probably

Near the end of the second presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a man from the audience named Kenneth Bone stood up to ask a question about energy or something and stole America’s heart.

Though the actual subject matter of his question has already been lost to history, that hasn’t stopped Ken Bone from becoming an instant meme on debate night thanks to his pleasant demeanor, that mustache, that welcoming red pullover, how easy it would be to imagine him as a cartoon character — basically, everything about Ken Bone lends himself to becoming an immediate worldwide sensation. It was just a delightful distraction from this tire fire of an election season we’re mired in.

Which is why he is, as of publish time, the most talked about thing on Twitter, trending in the U.S. just below the #debate hashtag.


The debate was a “town hall style” debate, which meant Trump and Clinton sat on high chairs and could walk around whenever they wanted instead of being stuck standing behind podiums — and they brought in some “undecided voters” to ask questions they had written for the candidates. It’s a good thing the debate organizers saved Ken Bone for late in the debate, because if we had seen him earlier we might have ended up forgetting everything that happened after. Or maybe that would have been preferable.

In any case, check out all these excellent social media responses to the greatness of Ken Bone.