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Face-lifts 2.0: The New Celebrity Face


Scary? You bet. We’ve all read about the plastic surgery disasters that lead to the sad outcomes pictured here. But New York magazine has a fascinating and often hilarious look at the new  celebrity face, and why it looks so damn good: Demi’s, Madonna’s, and Angelina’s. Today’s top doctors, it turns out, don’t tighten the skin and overpump the lips, they add volume. Baby fat. Here’s the new surgeon-to-the-stars, David Rosenberg:

"What has transpired in the past ten years, says Rosenberg, is “further dissection of the deeper layers” for a face-lift that is almost entirely muscular. Rosenberg and surgeons like him go under the cheek-fat pad and disconnect the platysma, which is a sheet of muscle that supports the lower face, then they resuspend it higher with stitches under the skin. “That’s how you fix the surface—from below,” he says. “I am working on the undersurface, and everything gently comes with it. So there’s a feminine quality, it’s soft and smooth. When it heals, you don’t see tension on the outer surface.”

Now you get it? Here’s the rest.