Facebook’s 10th Birthday ‘Look Back’ Videos by the Numbers: 200 Million Viewed, 50 Percent Shared

The feature has been tremendously popular in its one week of existence

Still can’t get that Facebook: “A Look Back” music out of your head a week later? You are probably not alone.

The special feature, in which a user’s top Facebook moments and photos were backed by an inspiring instrumental track in personalized movie form,¬†launched one week ago on Tuesday for the social media giant’s 10 birthday. Since then, the videos have been viewed by nearly 200 million people.

Of those users, about 50 percent of people have elected to share their “Look Back,” Facebook told TheWrap.

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Since the release of the nostalgia-inducing feature, many parodies have popped up online, including this one of Walter White’s past few Facebook years.

Facebook presently has 1.2 billion users.