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Jimmy Kimmel Imagines a World Policed by Facebook (Video)

The ABC late-night host put together the disturbing scenario in response to the social network’s new ”ask“ button

Facebook users can now use an “ask” button to inquire about information a “friend” may or may not have intentionally left blank on their profile, and Jimmy Kimmel is concerned the feature is a signal of more extreme privacy violations to come.

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“It’s a weird thing, right? To be asked to share this. I say if I want people ask about my relationship status, I go to a cousin’s wedding like everyone else.” Kimmel said on Tuesday. “They have an ask button, and you can not ignore it either.”

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The ABC late-night host imagined a world in which Mark Zuckerberg went as far as to hire a police force to track down users who are ignoring the inquiries from strangers they agreed to become Facebook friends with.

Watch the sketch (above), and pray this brave new world never actually emerges.

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