Fake Bill Clinton Conversations With Former UK Prime Minister Go Viral on Twitter

Comedian Michael Spicer mocks newly released transcripts of communication between the heads of state

Imagined conversations between President Bill Clinton and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair have gone viral on social media.

Following the release of 530 pages of declassified conversations between the political leaders from 1997 to 2000, comedian Michael Spicer created parody chats poking fun at the pair’s dynamic, which he then posted on Twitter.

The mock transcripts see Blair trying to keep the conversation on track as Clinton veers off into strange asides about the castle at Disneyland and spinning plates.

The actual documents, including transcriptions of phone conversations, revealed a close relationship between the heads of state, with conversations that bounced between discussions of world events, complaints about Clinton’s American political rivals and talk of each other’s personal lives.

The fake documents parody the wildly varied tone of the conversations, with Blair getting increasingly frustrated in one because Clinton doesn’t know how to spell his name.

“Okay. I’ll punch a ham till then,” the president responds when Blair says he’ll call him back.

Read all of Spicer’s fake conversations here.