Famous Zombie Coming to ‘Walking Dead’

Show runner Glen Mazzara says he's met with the lucky soon-to-be walker

A famous face is about to join the decaying masses of walkers on "The Walking Dead."

Showrunner Glen Mazzara said in an interview with TheWrap that a recognizable name will turn up in a future episode. It continues a tradition of famous people getting zombified in zombie films, just as they would be in a real-life zombie apocalypse.

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Asked if any famous people have been hidden among the "Walking Dead" hordes already — perhaps as an inside joke by the makeup crew — Mazzara said one future walker will be easy to recognize. But he's not ready to say who it is.

"There is one person. But I think it'll be announced as an event when it happens," he said. "There was one person that I was lucky enough to meet, they were on set."

Any hint whether they're from the world of TV, movies, politics?

"They're from the world," Mazzara said.

He said to keep an eye on AMC, which airs the show, for an announcement.

Having trouble imagining your favorite celebrity as a walker? Lucky for you, "Walking Dead" co-executive producer and special FX makeup designer Greg Nicotero recently retouched some celebrity photographs to show what they would look like decomposing. It wasn't just to be weird, but rather for a Red Cross blood drive.

Among recent celebrity zombie film cameos, Bill Murray played a version of himself who briefly pretends to be a zombie in 2009's "Zombieland." And the 2004 "Dawn of the Dead" remake featured mall-dwelling survivors shooting zombified celebrities, or at least celebrity impersonators: It can be hard to tell the difference once they're dead.

And the "Walking Dead" has had one celebrity cameo already: Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian played a zombie in a webisode.

Watch the Scott Ian video: