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Cory Monteith’s Alleged Final Video: ‘Stay Out of Trouble, and Stay in School’

In what may be the "Glee" star's final video he has hopeful, sad advice for young viewers

What may be the last video taken of Cory Monteith — a short, 15-second clip taken by a fan on a flight from Japan to Vancouver — has been posted on YouTube.

To a flight attendant’s boyfriend’s daughter, Monteith offers these simple words of wisdom: “Stay of trouble and stay in school."

Monteith checked into a Vancouver hotel on July 6. He was found dead on Saturday. There is no date on the video, posted to YouTube.

The words were a fitting epithet from an actor who had unsuccessfully struggled with a troubled past and in his pre-"Glee" days lived on the streets as an addict.

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His compassionate, labored smile in the video — made for a girl he calls "Mallory" on camera — makes it clear that this message is from the heart.

Despite his own troubles, Monteith was known for his willingness to help others. In her appearance Wednesday night on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," "Glee" co-star Jane Lynch remembered Cory flying across the country "on his own nickel" to see a dying fan whose last wish was to spend time with the actor.

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Watch the fan video below.

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