Twitter Goes Into Feeding Frenzy With FBI Director as Main Course

“FBI Director [James] Comey just pulled the best/worst April Fools joke on America,” reads one tweet

Last Updated: November 6, 2016 @ 4:40 PM

No matter which side of the political aisle you prefer, there is one thing a whole lot of people on social media are agreeing on — FBI director James Comey’s job is on thin ice.

And that’s putting it nicely.

Comey’s letter to Congress on Sunday saying that a review of additional Hillary Clinton emails does not change the FBI’s previous conclusion that she should not face criminal charges for her use of a private email server as Secretary of State was received with sigh of relief by some and a fit of anger by others.

“FBI director ‘Comey’ has jeopardized Democracy,” Cher tweeted, while Clint Eastwood took the opposite view, writing, “Poor guy has his hands tied.”

But among the rage, distrust and disillusionment, there was also a spattering of humor.

Take a look for yourself:

And to sum it up best:


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