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Radar Online Sues FBI Over Jeffrey Epstein Investigation Records

Media outlet claims that government agency has stonewalled on a Freedom of Information Act request

The FBI needs to pony up its records on Jeffrey Epstein — at least, so says Radar Online, which is suing the bureau after allegedly being stonewalled on a Freedom of Information Act request.

In the lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in New York, Radar Online asks for the production of the bureau’s records concerning “the agency’s investigation  and prosecution of Jeffrey Edward Epstein for sexually trafficking underage women. Defendant FBI has withheld these records despite a properly filed FOIA request.”

“Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire financier, philanthropist, and sex offender. In 2005, Epstein became the subject of an undercover sex trafficking investigation by Palm Beach, Florida police and the FBI. Dozens of underage women were trafficked by Epstein to perform sexual acts on him as well as his friends,” the suit reads.

Despite that, the suit says, Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to a single count of soliciting prostitution from a minor under Florida state law, and serve only 13 months in prison. In addition, Radar Says, prosecutors agreed not to bring charges against Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators.

According to the suit, National Enquirer and Radar Online senior editor James Robertson requested the investigation documents on April 20, and asked for expedited processing “because Epstein’s crimes are the subject of widespread and exceptional media interest, and raise questions about the government’s integrity, which affects public confidence; specifically, whether Mr. Epstein received preferential treatment from authorities due to his wealth, connections and political leverage.”

However, the suit says, the FBI “has provided no response” to the request, or even given it a tracking number.

“By failing to provide – or formally deny – documents within twenty working days, the FBI has constructively denied the request,” the lawsuit reads.

The suit is asking the FBI “to provide access to the requested documents in their entirety,” and to expedite the proceedings.