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Fight Breaks Out at Donald Trump’s ‘New York Values’ Rally (Video)

Violence erupts between two men at GOP candidate in yet more Trump rally violence

Another day, another fight at a Donald Trump rally.

Trump defended “New York values” at the Times Union Center in Upstate New York on Monday, but maybe not these values: two men got into a violent scuffle.

Video footage captured by a local reporter shows one man lunging at a booing protester. The Trump supporter then grabs the man’s face, as people in the crowd try to break it up, before security guards lead the protester out.

Crowds of supporters lined up early in the afternoon to pack the Times Union arena, according to KTLA, as thousands waited to hear Trump continue his campaign against Ted Cruz, who has publicly criticized so-called “New York values.”

There have been so many violent incidents at Trump rallies lately that last month the hashtag  #SaferThanaTrumpRally began trending, with suggestions including drinking with Bill Cosby, falling out of a helicopter and “dressing as a lion at a dental convention.”