Film L.A. Launches Online Location Scouting Tool

LocoScout offers searchable information on more than 60 L.A. schools, with more facilities to come.

Last Updated: December 1, 2009 @ 1:56 PM

Film L.A. on Tuesday launched LocoScout, an online location library of public properties and parking resources available for filming.

The site offers high-quality, large-format photos of properties from each of the five school districts served by Film L.A. There are nearly 60 schools listed so far.

Location managers and location scouts can filter searches based on architectural style or desired features, and based on how close a school is to other locations. By entering a known anchor address, users also can search nearby for school parking lots for production use.

Film L.A. is expanding the library to include its governmental clients’ properties and facilities available for filming.

LocoScout is free for Film L.A. customers and clients.