5 Ways Trump May Attack Hillary Clinton During Final Presidential Debate, Based on His Twitter Feed

From WikiLeaks to #DrainTheSwamp, social media is an indicator of what we’ll see in Las Vegas

The final presidential debate doesn’t start until 9 p.m. ET tonight, but voters can turn to Donald Trump’s Twitter feed to get a likely preview of what talking points he will use to attack Hillary Clinton.

Trump is essentially fighting for his political life and if you’ve paid attention during the past 16 months, it’s clear he will pull out all the stops. We’ll probably hear all about media bias, rigged election, and pay for play during the final showdown in Las Vegas.

Moderator Chris Wallace has a tough job on his hands in a debate that could get ugly. Check out 5 ways Trump will attack Clinton, based on his Twitter feed:

1. #DrainTheSwamp

Trump has been using the hashtag #DrainTheSwamp a lot lately, so you can be sure he’ll mention it tonight. When Trump refers to “draining the swamp,” it’s a reference to fixing a broken Washington, D.C.

2. Corruption 

Trump loves to call Clinton “the most corrupt” candidate of all time, and the recent WikiLeaks have only given him more ammunition.

3. Everything is rigged!

Trump has been declaring that the entire system is rigged for quite some time. Tonight shouldn’t be much different.

4. Pay to play

Trump often mentions that Clinton’s foundation accepted money from foreign countries and donors while she was Secretary of State. He recently tweeted an adorable cartoon explaining the situation.

5. WikiLeaks

Trump will undoubtably mention the recent leaks of Clinton campaign staffer emails, as he has attacked both the content of the leaks and the media’s lack of coverage.