Fiona Apple ‘Hurt’ By Portland Heckler’s ‘Get Healthy’ Comments

“Fiona! Get healthy! We want to see you in 10 years,” a fan yelled out during a show last week

Fiona Apple does not take criticisms of her body and health lightly.

The singer, who last week chewed out a heckler that yelled “get healthy” during a Portland concert, further sounded off on the issue in a lengthy interview Monday.

“It’s a sensitive subject because it’s not something that should be talked about, because there is nothing wrong with me,” Apple told Pitchfork. “I’m healthy and I shouldn’t even have to say any of that.”

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“It’s the same as being bullied at school, and just because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t hurt by it,” Apple continued. “You could make anybody cry if you told them that they’re ugly.”

The heckling incident occurred last Thursday at the Newmark Theater, where Apple was kicking off her tour with Blake Mills.

The singer speculated about what these critics might believe about her health — that she’s on drugs or is anorexic, confessing that at “this point, emotionally, it doesn’t get easier to hear those criticism.”

Although spectators took to Twitter to describe Apple’s reaction to the heckling as a “meltdown,” Apple maintains she was simply sticking up for herself.

“I don’t think that there’s anything meltdown-y about that,” Apple said. “I don’t have any problem getting angry at someone who insults me in the middle of a show.”