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Fired North Dakota News Anchor A.J. Clemente Makes David Letterman’s Top 10 List (Video)

Clemente's profane debut as an anchorman on Sunday inspired Letterman's "Top 10 Signs Your First Day as a News Anchorman Did Not Go Well."

A.J. Clemente may have lost his first news anchor gig on North Dakota NBC affiliate KFYR-TV, but he has gained so much notoriety that even David Letterman is sympathizing with him.

"I feel so bad for this guy," Letterman said during CBS' "Late Night" on Monday night. "This is like a page torn from the David Letterman book of life."

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Clemente was fired on Monday after starting his first newscast by accidentally saying "f–king s–t" live on the air.

Although Letterman said he was "so sympathetic and empathetic," the late-night host couldn't help but laugh at the West Virginia graduate's expense, and even dedicated a "Top 10" segment to him, titled "Top 10 Signs Your First Day as a News Anchorman Did Not Go Well."

So while Sunday was a disaster and Monday may have been slightly embarrassing, Tuesday is the first day of the rest of Clemente's life. He tweeted he's making the trek to New York City to appear on "Today," while numerous radio programs, like SiriusXM's "The Opie & Anthony Show," are scrambling to book him as a guest.

Looks like he'll have plenty of other chances to prove he was born to broadcast.

Here's Letterman's take on the viral sensation: